Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Proof That I Read My E-Mails: Gibby Goo Bop

I just logged on to check the e-mail account that I use for my blogs and Twitter and saw an e-mail from someone named Gibby Goo Bop.  My initial thought was penis enlargement drugs from Thailand, but I clicked anyway.  Here is the e-mail...

Subject: Scribey! Everybody will snooze blue...

hi office scribe!

asleep under the desk?  funny, me too!

i'll sleep under my desk!  and i'll sleep in the loo!!

everybody will snooze blue

so I made this video just for you…


Against my better judgement, I clicked on the YouTube link, and instead of finding a request from Chris Hansen to "take a seat over there" I was treated to the following music video, entitled "Strife on Mars?"

I won't even pretend to understand it, and I am pretty sure by posting it I am spreading the secret message imbedded within the lyrics and recruiting for this guys cult, but what the hell?  I feel the need to be directly involved in possibly one of the greatest viral self promotions wacky lyricists have ever thought of.

So, remember, don't drink the Kool-Aid and, um, enjoy?

~ The Office Scribe