Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Bad can Poligamy Be?

One of my co-workers joked to me a while back that she thought it would be a good idea if her husband took on more than one wife because it would give her some time off.  I laughed and said it made sense.

With the new season of Big Love on now the topic was brought up again and the more I think about it the more I am keen to the idea.  In this instance, my co-worker said as long as I cooked and watched sports with her (our?) husband then she would clean and do the laundry.  I damn near moved in with her with that comment.  Who wouldn't want a life like that?

My ideal guy used to be a musician, an athlete or a movie star.  Not for the money or fame, but because they would leave for extended periods of time and anyone who knows me knows I love my alone time.  But now I think I need me a guy who is already married but haas an understanding wife...

~The Office Scribe

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  1. I joke that my BFF is my sister-wife. She kept me company at dinner, went shopping with me, and was someone to talk with when hubby was deployed. Now that I'm gone, she gives is companionship at the sports bar (and someone with whom to watch Sunday NASCAR). We all agree it's been a great relationship. But don't tell our folks, they wouldn't understand how girls & boys *can* just be friends (they always assume something else).