Friday, February 13, 2009

How To Tell If It Is A Slow News Day

If this is the first story that greets you when you log onto Yahoo! to check your e-mail.

I thought we were in the midst of an economic crisis. Are people just too tired of talking about it? Even so, I could think of a thousand more interesting topics to talk about instead of this.

Here are some suggestions (helpful if you are ever stuck in an elevator or need help writing a blog):
- Branson, MO Bumper stickers on BMW's
- Things people collect
- The lost art of the letter opener
- Raccoon recipes
- Can you sprain your neck? (Seriously, I think I might have yawning the other day. If you are a doctor or play one on TV let me know)
- How many toothbrushes are too many toothbrushes
- Best movie you have ever seen with Pauly Shore in it
- Does gambling on a reality TV show make it more interesting?
- Just who is Tom Collins?

It's a bit of a crazy day. I have a headache and am curing it by going to see the new Friday the 13th movie this evening. I am a glutton for pain.

~The Office Scribe


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  2. What's this about Raccoon Recipes?