Monday, June 15, 2009

Who Knew Chewbacca Lived In A Condo?

Now let me just say, I am a sports fan.  I love the Chicago White Sox.  During the fall I wear blue and orange to support the bears.  And every 2-4 years I am glued to the TV watching "athletes" compete in such feats as curling, the luge, and synchronized swimming.

But when I hear people get so pumped up about sports that it borders on bothersome, something needs to be done.

I am (--this--) close to climbing up the balconies of the condo building next to mine spider monkey style and cutting the cable to the apartment that belongs to the Wookie.

Why do I call him the Wookie?

Because almost everyday he is watching what I can only assume to be a Cubs game (I channel surf to see what it might be) and bellowing like a walrus in heat.  I have been swept up in the passion of a good baseball game from time to time where I have been known to hoot and holler a bit, but good lord man!  I am sitting quietly in my apartment, glued to my new TV, and there is a silence shattering noise which cuts through the night - a loud, deep noise that sounds like a chupa cabra in mourning.

So now I have neighbors who have loud nookie and a wookie.

What's next?

No, seriously, what do you think is next?  I want to be prepared...

~ The Office Scribe

* Okay, I grabbed this picture off a random Google Image Search because it was Chewy at a baseball game and I found it fitting.  But then I had to giggle because it looks like the Han wanna-be laid an egg and Chewy is throwing those, possibly at the Death Star.

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  1. Chewie there has pretty good form, and he's a lefty, so maybe the White Sox will sign him, no?

    Sorry about the neighbor, partly because of the disruption and partly because, well, he's a Cub fan.

    Take care,