Thursday, July 9, 2009

Possible Reasons My Neighbors Are Running Their AC On A Cool Day

The weather in Chicago has been kinda loopy lately.  One week it will be hot and humid and the next week everyone is wearing a jacket and carrying umbrellas.  For the past week or so it has been a nice cool 65-75 degree, though it is supposed to warm up this weekend.

But what confuses me is why the people who live in the condo above me are running their AC unit.  It has been running steady for I would say about the past two months.  When they turned it on I was still covering my plants at night afraid they might die from frost.  This is something that has been bothering me; wondering why they are running their AC so much.  Personally I went all last summer without turning it on once and I plan to do so this summer (The house I grew up in didn't have it so I am not used to it.)

So I did the only logical thing I could do - came up with a list of possible reasons as to why they are running their AC when it isn't hot outside.

- There they were, a happy couple all snug in their igloo until Chptah got a transfer to the Chicago suburbs where they can't deal with the heat.  So the only relief he can find is in the comfort of the magical cold box which reminds him so much of home.

- Seriously, I don't even want to know how much higher their electric bill might be than mine.  Aside from not liking AC one of the reasons I don't turn it on is because I don't want to spend the money to run it.  If this thing has been running 24-7 for 60 days I can only assume they have found themselves some sort of Utility Sugar Daddy.  Personally I would have mine pay for cable, but to each his own.

- Even though they are grown ups they still need the hum of a piece of machinery to sooth them to sleep.  And since the washer and dryer are harder to curl up on, the AC unit was the next logical choice.

- Much like the movie "The Freshman", sometimes people want to eat Siberian Tiger or Komodo Dragon.  And since neither of those will fit into a Frigidaire then the only way to keep all that pricey, illegal meat fresh is to drop the temp of your apartment down to freezing.

- Honestly, this was the first place my mind went because, well, that is how my mind works.  I am sure, like the dragon meat, they need to keep the place cool so no one smells the rotting corpses.  Now, I am not saying they killed anyone, hell, it might be some way to scam insurance or social security, but I am like 89% there is a non-breathing body up there.

What do you think?

~ The Office Scribe


  1. I was just working out in Chicago for the past 4 weeks, it was cold most of the time and rainy all of the time. What is up with your neighbors?! I think they are selling exotic meats, right on.

  2. maybe someone is going through menopause? hot flashes and stuff you know..... yeah I guess that's lame, I'll take the dead body for $200 Alex.

  3. I was out last night and someone suggested that perhaps they have bad allergies which is why they keep the air on. That just seems way too logical for me...

  4. i personally was going for the menopause theory. lol i know i wake up in a sweat in 50 degree weather her in your blog is the bomb. dont stop writing.