Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun Ways To Get Swine Flu

I am sick of people telling me how to not get Swine Flu.  I get it.  If I want to stay healthy I should wash my hands.  Fine.  I do that anyway.  And I hope to god everyone else does too, but I know that isn't the case.  Which weirds me out.  It's like people who try on underwear.  Ewwww.

But the question I have is: What if I want to get Swine Flu?  What if I want to ensure that I come down with a raging case that leaves me weak, sickly, and 20 pounds lighter?  What if it might be the only way short of a mental breakdown that I can guarantee myself some downtime away from work and other commitments?

So I compiled a list of FUN ways that you and I can get Swine Flu.  And if you think of anything else I would love to read about it in the comments.

A lot of time people wonder what strange and exotic foods taste like.  But I wonder, have you ever thought what a door handle might taste like?  Perhaps it is time to find out.

You can pretty much find anything you want on Craigslist.  I am sure if you posted an ad looking from someone to come over and spread the germs you could find one.  Plus you could possibly gain a new friend and the insight as to what the bottom of a well looks like.

You know how people leave drinks when they go to the bathroom (unless you can shove a beer bottle in your cleavage like I do)?  Well, instead of slipping a ruffie into it like you usually would take a big sip and enjoy that martini and whatever germs were back washed into it.

When I was at Girl Scout Camp we used to make Gutter Sundaes which is done by taking a section of gutter (preferably new) and loading it full of ice cream and toppings, then unleashing everyone on it with spoons.  The camp stopped doing it my third year there because people were afraid of the germs you might pick up.  I saw we bring this fine tradition back for just that reason.

There you are.  You have just stolen a bunch of dinosaur embryos from a secluded lab on an island off the coast of Costa Rica.  It's raining.  You lose control of your car and slide down a hill.  In the middle of the downpour, as you are trying to fix your car, you meet a breed of dinosaur face to face.  When you treat it like a dog it ramps up and spits a giant loogie in your face.  Instead of becoming paralyzed have an infected person spit in your face and voila!  You have Swine Flu!

They are trendy.  Whether it be while sparkling in the north woods and driving preteen girls into a fury over a guy who needs to shower.  Or on HBO where they actually act like vampires, bite people, have sex, and are much, much hotter than anything found in Seattle.  Or in the numerous scripts that Hollywood is green lighting to cash in on the popularity of the two aforementioned franchises.  So I suggest you go out and bite someone.  And when they throw you in county lockup you can catch swine flu from a guy named Bubba who has no teeth and facial burns from when his meth lab blew up.

Any of these options create a unique and exciting opportunity to give yourself that much needed break.

~ The Office Scribe

* The Office Scribe in no way condones people going out and getting horribly ill because my luck it will be my co-workers who read this and get sick while I remain healthy as a horse, stuck in my cubicle, doing my work and all of theirs...


  1. too darn funny.....i laughed so hard i about cried. i have two more.

    streetwalker. need i say more. except tell the johns its for free....

    walmart greeter. except you hug and kiss everyone coming in. you might get fired, but i think within an hour of rush traffic you might get what you came for.

    thanks for the laugh ida

  2. Hospital volunteer - feed the babies and play with all the sick children.


  4. I like this alot... keep up the good work (",)

  5. stupid, stupid, stupid!