Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Who Doesn't Appreciate A Nice Gift Basket?

Catherine Martin, that's who.

Now you may be asking yourself, "Who is Catherine Martin?  That name sounds familiar."

That's because most people know Catherine Martin as Senator Ruth Martin's daughter a.k.a. the girl who complained about the spa she was at from "Silence of the Lambs".

The ungrateful politician's daughter was a whiny brat while all Buffalo Bill wanted to do was provide her with a lovely gift basket, probably from the Bath and Body Works.  I bet it smelled like Sun Ripened Raspberry.

And then he offered her some hydrotherapy, which isn't cheap and is also very relaxing.

This topic actually came up at trivia last night when a question was asked about Clarice Starling.  Naturally anytime the movie is brought up people bring up the scene where Buffalo Bill is just getting in touch with his femanine side.  During the conversation I did learn about a wonderful little song and video on YouTube which I think explains Buffalo Bill better than anything I could write.


~ The Office Scribe

Okay, maybe I just so desperately need a vacation that a trip down the well at BB's sounds like a good time... (shrug)

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  1. thats a crazy axx video. its like a train wreak. couldnt stop watching it. is he a she? kinda was creepy with the little white dog. wow.