Sunday, April 11, 2010

AFI #99 (1998): Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Title: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
Year: 1967
Director: Stanley Kramer
Staring: Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier, Katherine Hepburn

Plot: A couple is put to the test when their daughter brings home a fiance who is black.

Have I Seen It Before: No

Do I Own It: No

Famous Line: I don't think I'm going to faint, but I'll sit down anyway.

Fun Fact: Katharine Hepburn's character's daughter is played by her real life niece Katharine Houghton. (Thanks to my mom for supplying me with that tidbit of knowledge.)

Any Mention of Illinois? Sadly, I think the talk of teaching in Geneva was about the one in Switzerland.

Five Thoughts I Had While Watching This Film:

1) As a parent I don't think my main concern would be the difference in race. I would be more concerned about the age gap, he'd been married before, short time they had known each other, and getting married in a foreign country.

2) Spencer Tracy is adorable in this film and totally reminded me of James Whitmore, which, as I found out from IMDB, is a common thought.

3) Holy cow, didn't they made a modern day version of this with Ashton Kutcher and that chick from "Avatar"?  Why, oh why, would they have done that?

4) I need a sassy housekeeper.  As much as I like to cook, I want one for the snappy banter.  (I also want a British butler - but that has nothing to do with this movie and more to do with Batman.)

5) How did I make it through almost 2 years of studying film, and taking black history and writing classes, and not see this movie?  Sure, they made me read The Bluest Eye every semester, but I didn't get to see this fabulous flick.

This movie deserves to be on this list if for nothing more than it takes place in the span of a day, which most of my fav movies tend to do.  (Okay, so Twister was more like 2 days, but who's counting?)

Next up: #99 (2008) Toy Story

~ The Office Scribe

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