Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday Boredom Courtesy of the USPS

Last Tuesday said they had received the following 3 DVD's*:

- MST3K: Teenage Strangler
- Across the Universe
- State and Main

They informed me that the following DVD's would be shipped out**:

-MST3K: Eegahh!
- Mamma Mia!
- Arrested Development Season 1, Disc 1

Now seeing as I live outside of Chicago which puts me close to a NetFlix distribution center, I normally get my DVD's the next day.

When did I receive the above mentioned DVD's?

Today which is Saturday which is four days after I should have received them.

And since I know NetFlix would not screw me over like this, there is only one entity to blame:

And considering the weather around here has been beautiful lately that can't be a reason.

I am disappointed in you and your eagle emblem...

~The Office Scribe

* Don't judge me based on the movies I returned...I'll watch anything

** But you might be able to judge me based on these movies, who knows.


  1. Well, my brother had netflix and not only was he not getting the fastest of service, which he is a postman so he would see them, but several of the DVD's that netflix sent him were cracked and unplayable. So maybe it was the postman, perhaps he forgot to knock twice (tee hee) or perhaps it was that reliable old netflix friend. I suppose "time" is the only man who knows.

  2. Yep, I am Sheila's brother. I have to say, turn around was great from Netflix, but the cracked unplayable DVD's were just the pits. Netflix needs to do something with their quality control. I would contact netflix and let them know you haven't received them.