Monday, March 23, 2009

The Tome That Is A Subway Napkin

Tonight was one of the few nights where I didn't want to cook dinner.  So I was lazy and stopped at my neighborhood Subway and picked up and Italian BMT, some chips and a Cherry Coke.

While sitting at my desk, happily munching away, I couldn't help but noticed that Subway napkins have a LOT of writing on them...

All this information on calories and how McDonalds and Burger King will kill you faster than Subway will.  I almost pulled out a calculator and figured out how many calories were in my sandwich.  Except and Italian BMT wasn't on the list which is sad because it is the best sandwich Subway can make.

But seriously, what is with all the writing?  It is something that you wipe the extra mayo that leaked out of your sandwich on.

What next?  Shakespeare on Charmin?

~The Office Scribe

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  1. I would Read Shakespeare on Charmin... that is a hilarious thought