Monday, January 4, 2010

I Mean, Aside From The Costume...

While at my mom's house this weekend I re-watched the entire series of Aeon Flux (calm down people, there were only 10 episodes...).  And then I watched the 2005 movie.

I came to the conclusion that there was one glaring difference between the TV show and the movie.

A plot.

See, the TV show didn't really have a plot, aside from Aeon being a badass and Trevor wanting her badass.  The movie had a beginning, middle, and an end.

But still, I liked the TV show better.  Perhaps it's because I loved watching it on MTV while I babysat (I didn't have cable).  Or because it was so different from anything else on TV.  Chances are it was more like because I liked not exactly knowing what was going on.  And because I wanted to be Aeon when I grew up (still working on that....)

So MTV - Stop showing us countless reruns of "The Hills" or "The City" or whatever other douche bag and dumbass filled show you are putting on instead of music videos or something even remotely entertaining.

Because I think Jay and Silent Bob said it best.

Good thoughts boys.

~ The Office Scribe

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