Monday, January 25, 2010

Slots That Need Filling

For Christmas my mom bought me one of these:

Problem was, my knife block was already full.

So for my birthday (which is in like a week or so) she bought me this:

The problem is, now I have about 8 empty slots.

Oh whatever will I find to fill my slot?

Come on people, this is ripe for comments.

~ The Office Scribe


  1. buy more knives? sorry not too smart.

  2. I don't get it.


    Mr. Purposefully Obtuse.

  3. You've got options but I'd go with whatever fits comfortably in your slot. ;-)

    (side note: beautiful block. Knives, I went with the Henckel Pro S. They've treated me well)

  4. really like the new look, it's more professional too i think, anyway about a knife- one of these might fit in nicely
    Global 5-1/2-Inch 14 cm Vegetable Knife